Skillnet Ireland – Transforming Business through Talent

by | Nov 28, 2023

Skillnet Ireland are building a world class enterprise-led organisation to help prepare businesses and workers for the future of work. They look forward to working with all stakeholders in the successful implementation of this strategy over the next five years.

Skillnet Ireland, together with its partners, are delivering substantive actions across the priority areas referenced in this production. These include the major cross-government strategies such as the National Action Plan in Response to Covid-19, the National Skills Strategy, Brexit Readiness Action Plan, Future Jobs Ireland, Enterprise 2025, National Competitiveness plans, along with various actions arising from the Expert Group on Future Skills Needs. They are also delivering upon actions across key sectoral strategies, including: Technology Skills 2022, Finance for Ireland 2025 (including Sustainable Finance), Foodwise 2025, National Cyber Security Strategy, National Space Enterprise Strategy and Regional Development Plans.

Skillnet Ireland have increased engagement with the EU Commission, supporting the development of several EU policy frameworks in
the arena of skills for industry and the digital transformation. The Skillnet Ireland enterprise-led model has resonated at EU level and is highlighted as a best practice model in a number of the EU Commission’s publications. The Commission recently published its Skills Agenda for Sustainable Competitiveness, Social Fairness and Resilience Report. Skillnet Ireland is well positioned to contribute to objectives under the EU Skills Agenda through participation in EU funded programmes over the coming years.

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